Ireth Security is not only a company for IT and electronic consulting, but it’s a Hi-Tech firm  that designs, develops and markets innovative products for IT security in the Retail world (banks, public, providers, utilities, etc.). The ongoing analysis of retail market’s needs, together with a constant technology research, distinguish Ireth’s activities, made possible thanks to a strong collaboration with Politecnico di Torino.

In a digital world, where on-line services are easy to be compromised, it is a daily necessity to authenticate safely and protect personal, financial and company data exchanging. For this reason, our team puts the highest attention on understanding customer’s needs, designing  and realizing the most suitable security solutions.

The main activities of Ireth  Aerospace refers to Remote Sensing, both through high resolution satellite radar images distribution (particularly for territory analysis and environment monitoring), and through high value-added professional services for analysis, design, procurement, manufacturing and launch of satellite systems, equipped in SAR technology.

What we produce and commercialize:

Ireth Security – IAP800® OATH authentication, validation and anti-fraud server, D800™ displaycards, D800™ All-In-One Displaycards for authentication and payment, T800™ tokens,  M800™ Phone App, Matrix OTP cards, SMS OTP; Tempest THS® solutions to protect computers from radio attacks.
Ireth Aerospace –  Cosmo satellite radar images; satellite SAR services.





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