Productive facilities in the various continents, exports all over the world, a global distribution network and after-sales, constant research to promote development and improve the quality of our services. These are only some of the main features that are part of our efficient working team for the production of strapping machines and industrial packaging. Our objective:  ensuring the best packaging solution of any product in any context.

Our products: strapping machines and complete automatic packaging lines. We also ensure wrapping, weighing, labeling and qualitative controls for products to the steel and metallurgy sectors, for the wood, paper, cardboard and building industries.

To grant the maximum safety for all products, even the most fragile ones. During any trip, even the most critical.


Via Capovilla, 73/Bis
36030 Villaverla (Vicenza)
Tel. +39 0445 855977
Fax. +39 0445 350034

Itipack manufactures special strapping machines and automatic complete packaging lines for the steel and metallurgy industry, for the wood, paper, cardboard, building and food industries. Our solutions enable all products, even the most fragile, to travel safely. Without exceptions.

The main branches in Italy, France, Canada, India and China mean we can work professionally and efficiently around the world. 

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees the quality of our products and of the company system of all of our work groups. It therefore ensures punctuality and respect of the delivery timetables arranged with our clients, correct industrial operations and the compliance with compulsory regulations as requested by the European Committee for Standardization and by the country of origin of each company.


12, boulevard Jacques Albert
BP 22, 66202 ELNE Cedex
Tél. 04 68 22 04 61
Fax. 04 68 22 46 62

A division of Itipack Italy, our French partner produces and sells strap, strapping machines and industrial packaging systems ready to be used. A group of competent and motivated collaborators certifies and ensures the quality of each service- from production to assistance and from assembly to sale.

What we produce and sell: PET and polypropylene straps, cardboard angles, semi-automated strapping machines and complete packaging lines for the food, construction and industrial sectors.

For those who demand, Itipack promises and fulfills.


Burlington ON L7L 4Y2
919 Zelco Drive
Tel. 905 333 3695
Tollfree. 1.866.999.3695
Fax. 905.681.3172

Safety and efficiency. The first objective of Itipack’s Canadian division is how to solve each request as best as it can. The second one? To deserve the trust of each of our clients by ensuring top level services. The third one means we are still busy researching and training all of our collaborators. These and many other values enable us to produce technologically advanced strapping machines.

What we produce and sell: strapping machines and packaging lines for the steel, wood and food industries mainly for the Canadian, US and Mexican markets.

To transport your products everywhere. Safely and professionally.