Our production lines of polyester strap and professional strapping tools are made for the most diverse industry applications. Thanks to a laboratory dedicated to thorough quality checks, Itistrap‘s products have the best performances in each application.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees the quality of our products and of the organization of the working group. It therefore ensures punctuality ant the respect of the delivery timetables agreed with our clients, correct industrial operations and the compliance with compulsory regulations as requested by the European Committee for Standardizations and by the country of origin of the company.

Our products: high resistance and high elasticity polyester straps  made from recycled and vacuum reheated material suitable to be used in the bottles, sheets, glass, can, ceramic and brick industries, for cement, paper and cardboard products, for wooden boards, aluminium, stainless steel pipes, synthetic fibers, cotton and for all those products that need to be safety packed with the best and top quality range of straps. We also sell manual, pneumatic and battery strapping tools for 12mm to 32mm strap

Ideal to transport and stock big or small goods anywhere without risks


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